best funny short story is guaranteed to make you laugh

Funny story this time is a collection of short stories that can make the stomach hurt because this funny story can make you hungry, so before reading this story is expected to eat first after hungry but hehe.

for those of you who want to read funny content, do not have to go far because the funniest collection of content only at because every story here is made into a collection of stories, so you read funny content more satisfied, this funny story is made from short stories an funny long that certainly can make you laugh.

a funny short story is guaranteed to make you laugh

A funny yet guaranteed collection of short stories makes you laugh

1. Short stories of instant noodles are guaranteed to make you laugh
  • Bowet - mother. There are instant noodles
  • Kiosk mom - want what instant noodles taste
  • Bowet - what is the price of chicken curry taste?
  • Mother's Kiosk - 2 $
  • Bowet - if taste chicken soup ...?
  • Mother stall - same 2 $ also ...!
  • Bowet - If $ 0.5 $ taste what ..
  • Kiosk mother - taste chicken poop ... want to !!
2. funny story looking for loyal guys make lol
  • Onah - now if you want to find a loyal guy is difficult ya Isilu
  • Isilu - There is still an Onah? only you do not know
  • Onah - how to look for it?
  • Isilu - try to find a guy who for 3 years has no girlfriend ???
  • Onah - why should 3 years have no boyfriend?
  • Isilu- imagine? For 3 years just want to have a boyfriend to work hard let alone betray hehe.
3. funny stories of students who go to heaven make you laugh out
  • teacher - whose son is going to heaven ..?
All the students raised their hands while saying "I'm bu", except Bowet, the teacher was confused and asked Bowet
  • teacher - Bowet, your friend wants to go to heaven Indeed you do not want to, why not raise your hand
  • Bowet - indeed It will go now
  • teacher- ....?
4. Funny story makes a laugh about robbery

a conversation between reporter and police in a Robbery case
  • reporter - this robbery happened at what time sir?
  • police officers - around 23:00
  • Reporter - the state of the victim how.
  • Police - the victim fainted and only found the panties alone
  • journalist - what is the motive?
  • Police - about flower motifs there are lace
  • Reporter-,,,,,,,?
5. Funny story in the month of fasting made laughing out loud

  • Bowet ~ assalamu'alaikum
  • ustad ~ waalaikumsalam
  • Bowet ~ Pak I want to rinse with soup when fasting, can sir
  • ustad ~ can not
  • Bowet- why cannot
  • ustad ~ because we can not rinse with something that has taste when we fast? let alone the sense to have it.
6 - funny story make lol why my skin is black

a regret of a child born with dark skin.
  • Bowet - my mom is mama's child, is not it?
  • mama - yeah Mama's child, why do you think so?
  • Bowet - why am I born with this dark skin?
  • mama - it's okay my son
  • Bowet - why is it okay?
  • mama - if you are white, dirty easily my son
  • Bowet - ....?
7. short funny story guaranteed to make lol: my hp Cina

  • Bowet - "ci Imlek stop by my house yah...
  • Ci Amoy: "Ok Bowet you open the house huh?
  • Bowet  - "yes ci .. once a year ..."
  • Ci Amoy: who is of Chinese descent, your father or your mother?
  • Bowet- Not my parents?
  • Ci Amoy: who?
  • Bowet- My hp ci
  • Ci Amoy ...?
8. Funny story makes laugh, message from my husband

A husband who was on vacation In Bali Indonesia, he went alone because the wife who will go to Jakarta to work and plan to Bali the next day,,

after arriving at the hotel the husband decided to send a message to his wife, the husband told the news to his wife

Unfortunately, the husband forgot the amount, and the contents of his message immediately dashed to a woman who had just died her husband.

the grieving woman was shouting loudly and then fainted instantly and fell to the floor...

then his family ran into the room and saw the message on the woman's phone

"My beloved wife

everything is ready to welcome you tomorrow .. I'm waiting for you ... oia here hot too,,,,,,,, ????"

9. the funny story is guaranteed to laugh at the most enjoyable bird nest quest

One day there was a child who wanted to steal mangoes in a neighboring plantation, but unfortunately, the owner knew that the mangoes would be stolen.
  • the owner of the garden - Bowet,, what are you doing there, want to steal a mango huh?
  • Bowet ~ no sir? I'm just looking for a bird's nest (with a nervous tone)
  • the owner of the garden ~ oh so,,,, for what?
  • Bowet ~ to make fruit ice
  • owner of the garden ~ ....?

10. funny story be careful of many women bathing

There are security officers who are very angry to see people riding motorcycles in the alley at high speed, whereas in front of the alley already have the words "Please slowly, many school children"

But the warning no one cares, and everyone who passes the alley still drives at high speed

luckily the security officer had an idea and replaced the warning with another word, then here's the result
  • Parents of the students - how this pack in front of the alley from morning until noon many people are hospitalized by accident
  • security officer - what causes it?
  • Parents of students - caused by the writing you replace with the word "please slow down your vehicle, as many women bathe"

11. tips catching mice with coffee powder

If your house is a lot of rats, here's the solution

First look for a mouse hideout, place the coffee powder in the rat hiding place

Secondly, if the Rat appears, immediately flush with hot water, remember immediately, because if not soon usually rats will ask for bread also hehe.

12. funny story how to diet easily

For those of you who want to diet without torturing your own body, here's how fast and safe diet.

First, shake your head from left to right, then turn back from left to right, turn your head several times, do it regularly especially when you are fed from friends and family.

good luck hehe?

13. Funny story makes a laugh, in the museum

A teacher who brought his students to the museum could only laugh after hearing the conversations of his students
  • student 1 - This mummy is very scary huh?
  • Student 2 - really creepy?
  • Student 1 - number 1134, that's what it means ya?
  •  Student 2 - oh is probably the license plate of the vehicle that hit the mummy "
14. funny story of a journalist

A reporter passes by, looking at the crowd helping the accident victims

eventually the reporter decided to look for information the incident, and the plan will be news, but unfortunately, reporters cannot penetrate the crowd.

the journalist finally had an idea, to be able to see the victim up close

please step aside, that's my sister, please give me a way

then the citizens immediately gave way to let reporters see it,,,

the journalist swallowed, knowing that the accident victim was a monkey.

15. Funny short story, guess
  • Bowet - why elephant face in blue paint
  • Akoh - do not know? What is the reason?
  • Bowet - to hide behind a mango tree?
  • Akoh - lie? no elephant can hide behind a mango tree
  • Bowet - really you never see, meaning elephant managed to hide behind a mango tree
  • Akoh ....?

16. funny story not afraid of the police

there was a kid riding a motorbike, then he broke through a red light, soon a policeman approached him,,
  • police - brothers do not see a red light?
  • Bowet ~ Look, I'm not blind yet?
  • police ~ why if you see you still break through the red light, it is a violation?
  • Bowet ~ because I did not see you sir
  • POLICE .....?

17. Funny story makes laugh, willing to accompany his teacher

an angry teacher sees his students just joking when the lesson starts.
  • Teacher - silence all, what do you want if this continues, every lesson begins to be ignored, any question is never answered, try who feels stupid, standing in front of now.
shortly afterward one of the students came forward, then the teacher asked the student
  • teacher - so you're sure you're stupid?
  • student - not so sir I just pity to see you stand alone in front,,,
  • teacher,,,,? throw a table at his students ??
18. Funny humor story guaranteed to laugh your little one woke up

There are people who smoke in public spaces, not smokers' rooms, although it is clear where the place provides a special place for smokers, soon there is a woman who is breastfeeding her child to admonish her.
  • Woman - You do not see a smoking ban in this place, look at my child woke up because of cigarette smoke
  • Smoker - yes sorry, but I also apologize if breastfeeding is not allowed in front of me, the little one in the pants so woke up as well.
  • woman....?
19. funny story about fence buttons and stars in handphone

Bowet and Akoh are two super plain youths, after decades of saving, finally, they can realize their dream to buy mobile phones
  • Bowet - Koh, why are you holding a fence?
  • Akoh -, I want to fill pulse
  • Bowet - ha? to do with the contents of pulza, live directly typing on the phone,
  • Akoh - that's the problem, I've been told to press the fence, well I've pressed the fence why can not yet?
  • Bowet - just so? I'm worse
  • Akoh - what are you pressing?
  • Bowet - I was told to press the star, confused?

The funny short story above may make you really laugh, the funny story above is just for entertainment, if you do not feel comforted please me who was entertained hehe, umpteen and thank you.

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